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5 ways to prevent injury at the gym

When it comes to fitness injuries, a little effort to prevent them will help you avoid serious consequences. Your workouts will become noticeably safer and more productive thanks to the 5 rules that are the fruit of many years of wisdom and hard work.

Nothing interrupts your workout like an injury. Particularly unpleasant are injuries that will later remind of themselves with each exercise or that will remain forever. Some of them are, of course, inevitable, but applying rules to avoid injury does not hurt.

Let’s turn to the safety rules that govern people who have linked their lives with fitness. It is very important for them not to interrupt their activities in the gym because of the need to be in shape for competitions and photography, and therefore the absence of pain is a priority for them.

First get in shape, knowledge, then work with weights

Being strong is all the rage now. Lots of women and men are trying to get promoted by working on strength training programs. If you do 5 sets of 5 reps, 3 to 5, or similar combinations, then you are working for strength. But are you really ready to work this way?

A few of those who ask: “How much are you pressing?” may say that the benefits of working with a lot of weight will only be when you come into the right shape for this and are ready. First, you need to get the right shape before working with a heavyweight. Lifting less weight, but more closely monitoring the correct execution and controlling the work of the muscles, then you can avoid injury and achieve greater results.

The eccentric part of strength training is building strength and muscle by strengthening strength connective tissue, so strength training is essential. But they should be performed only after a set of the appropriate shape, having got stronger and allowing the body to “come up” to work for strength. But when you come to that long-awaited moment when you will pull a new weight for you, then always use a safety net. Always use an insurer when working with heavyweights, this will not only help you pay more attention to the exercise but also eliminate the risk of injury.

Don’t ignore feeling tired

Fatigue is a key indicator of exercise. Your muscles and your body’s energy systems signal it to get stronger and work more efficiently. But fatigue can also have a negative impact, especially when the body stops working and you could be injured.

What follows from this? Take steps to delay the onset of fatigue. The best way to prevent fatigue is to get adequate sleep. Also, be careful about getting enough water and nutritional supplements before your workout.

Even after sleeping all 8 hours in a row and consuming an impressive amount of dietary supplements, fatigue will certainly come. But what to do when she comes. To protect yourself from injury, if you bench or move with pain or extreme fatigue, this is a signal to your body that it needs rest. Don’t do weight-bearing exercise if you’re in pain or tired.

But if you decide to do a deadlift or bench press with an outrageous weight for strength, then make sure there is enough space to perform it so that you can drop the barbell or dumbbells, stop the exercise, or you can be backed up. For example, dumbbell squats are safe, but maximum dumbbell squats are traumatic.

Choose the intervals you want to go to the gym

You can find a ton of information on the internet about how often you should train certain muscle groups. Someone speaks once a week, someone – twice, someone – even more often. But which one is right? The one, according to which you have enough time to restore your mood and strength.

But can you not follow this rule? Yes, if you are aiming for this and are completely confident in the recovery abilities of your body, and your training program is structured in such a way that you do not exclude this muscle group from every workout. Exercising for wear day after day without proper rest is the main cause of injury.

Rest can be active

As you fall in love with fitness and bodybuilding, you will quickly realize that 100% rest does not have to be completely passive, no movement, because it will not bring absolute benefits. Better these days to do a cardio workout or work out your arm muscles or do yoga! And if this does not seem to your rest, then you are mistaken – for your body this is what you need!

Note: on rest days, you can do whatever you want, but you shouldn’t overdo it with stress and intensity. And as a guideline, just walk down the street, especially if you’ve recently pumped your leg muscles hard.

Rest days can include cardio workouts, but don’t overdo it, this is very important. This will put a sudden and abrupt strain on your body, which can lead to fatigue and the likelihood of injury. If you decide to do a cardio workout on a day of rest, then focus on an exercise bike with a low degree of stress and activity.

Improve your training preparation

Here we are not talking about the timing of the rituals, which usually precede going to the gym, but, for example, about warm-up and warming up the muscles. These procedures are not a cure for serious incidents like the barbell dropping on the bench press, but they can improve both the workout itself and recovery from it. Injuries don’t have to be catastrophic, but serious or minor injuries do happen. To prevent their appearance, it is necessary to devote a few minutes to stretching and warming up all muscle groups. This allows you to relieve muscle tension, providing the joints with better blood supply, improves heart rate, body temperature, which has a positive effect on the upcoming workout. And after the warm-up, you can do a small five-minute cardio workout, after which you can start working with large weights.

After a workout, leave a few minutes for the last stretch, this is important for relieving muscle tension and soreness after a grueling workout. If you don’t have time for stretching exercises after training, then don’t worry, they can be done after you return home. But they should still be followed.


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