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Crossfit or bodybuilding? What is better for a simple healthy lifestyle lover?

Unfortunately, these two sports have fallen prey to a myriad of myths today.

Bodybuilding myths: You pump up huge muscle mass, inject yourself with harmful “chemistry”, from which muscles grow on their own, even without training, eat only chicken breast and rice. When doing bodybuilding, you definitely need to spend thousands of dollars on sports nutrition and you definitely need a personal trainer. In general – you will go broke! Having become a clumsy jock, you have neither strength nor endurance, since your muscles are artificial or inflated.

Bodybuilding myths - alas, most people think in stereotypes.

Bodybuilding myths – alas, most people think in stereotypes.

Any “oncoming cross” will be able to lay you down with one blow, because “a large cabinet falls down loudly.” The jock looks 50 years older than his years because of the “chemistry” that he takes, and at about 35 he has a stroke, heart attack, and several more attacks at the same time, as a result of which he simply has no chance of survival. Yes, and the pitching is also stupid and they are simply not interested in anything other than chicken breast and anabolic steroids. Only a madman would do bodybuilding!

CrossFit Myths: This is a divine sport with no contraindications. Anyone can do CrossFit because it is very healthy! After a couple of months, you simultaneously become strong, muscular, enduring, healthy, and lean, plus automatically get a degree from Harvard University, because such loads also stimulate brain activity! At the same time, absolutely no diet is needed, you can eat whatever you want, and a trainer is also not needed, group workouts or reading books about CrossFit that can be downloaded on the Internet are enough.

Really about bodybuilding: Growing muscle mass will be a difficult business, requiring a competent and responsible approach. Even if you train three times a week, never skipping a workout, and even if you start eating regularly, say four to five times a day, I will disappoint you right away: no mountains of muscle will grow.

Natural bodybuilding will not lead you to a "pumped" body, even after 20 years of training!

Natural bodybuilding will not lead you to a “pumped” body, even after 20 years of training!

Yes, in the first month, “bituha” can grow by 1-2 cm, the second too. Similarly, briskly, in the first months, strength indicators will jump. The bench press can easily increase by 10 or even 20 kg! Here are just 2 or 4 cm gains, will not make thin arms, with the hands of Schwarzenegger, and progress of 20 kg in exercises will not work if you have starting weights of 20, 30, or even 50 kg.

Then the progress will slow down dramatically, you will realize that by doing “natural bodybuilding”, you will either simply be engaged in “keeping out of shape”, or you will have to take training very seriously and be patient! Then, after a few years, you will be able to bench press about 100 kg and have a bicep about 40 cm in circumference.

And this is not a “huge jock”, this is just a sportsman, the owner of a normal figure, and normal strength indicators. That is, it is exactly a healthy and developed person, with normal muscle mass, but without excess fat or muscle mass, which leads to strokes and threatens to shorten life.

Crossfit can be dangerous for newbies

Crossfit can be dangerous for newbies

Really about CrossFit: Based on the above, it is clear that even with purposeful bodybuilding, muscle mass grows very slowly. Talking about the growth of muscle mass while exercising both for endurance and strength, and even without the use of “pharmacy” is at least silly.

We are not talking about training without increasing muscle strength and size, we are talking about the loss of strength and muscle tone as a result of training too intensely.

Moreover, I know of examples of bodybuilders who lost their muscle mass by doing CrossFit, receiving full pharmaceutical support. Imagine what would happen to the muscles of an ordinary person, if even on chemistry the muscles are so reduced in size! That is, the advertised prospect of getting an athletic body by doing CrossFit is not entirely true. An athletic and beautiful body is at least some kind of muscle, both for a man and for a girl.

When doing CrossFit, you will mainly perform endurance exercises, you will have many sets performed without interruption, and tons of spilled sweat will in no way lead to a relief and muscular body, but simply to an increase in endurance, and, perhaps, to dehydration. It is also good that if these loads are dosed, the load on the cardiovascular system will be controlled, the banal control of the pulse will greatly increase the safety of training.

Weightlifting trasters and shwungs are awesome! But, remember the injuries of even professional weightlifters. It is much easier for a beginner to get hurt.

Another problem is misinformation about exercise safety. Crossfit complexes contain a lot of exercises that are especially dangerous for beginners. The most dangerous exercises in bodybuilding are deadlifts, army presses, and squats. Compared to CrossFit exercises, they just rest. You can get a back injury, shoulder dislocation.

There are a lot of weightlifting and kettlebell lifting exercises in CrossFit, they require longer preparation and more thorough training with a trainer than training on simulators in fitness halls. After such an injury, pain in the damaged joint will become faithful companions for a long time, and you can never dream of training anymore. Unfortunately, in this sport, the minimum time is devoted to learning the technique, do not be naive.

Conclusions: With the right approach, it is possible to combine Crossfit and bodybuilding. A professional trainer should dose such a load, it is very difficult. Recommendations will be individual for each person and should take into account his diet, work, lifestyle.


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