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Fast muscle growth: How to build muscle quickly and safely

For most natural athletes, rapid muscle growth is only possible when certain conditions are met that are necessary for progress and effective training. Of course, as in any other business, there are nuances here, for example, training experience. After all, for beginners, before setting a goal of rapid muscle growth, first you need to learn the technique of performing exercises and make your body stronger and more enduring in order to become ready for the physical exertion of a more serious nature. Therefore, the initial training experience plays an important role. On average, this is from a year to two years of full and regular training. The next point is the appropriate gym equipment to work for high results and the ability to observe the correct training and rest regimen, even if not one hundred percent, but as best as possible.

So, if all these points are fulfilled, then it is quite possible to define the task of accelerated mass gain. Here are ways to help you achieve these results:

Complex (multi-joint) exercises . These are exercises in which several muscle groups are involved at once. Naturally, such a complex and large-scale work of muscles is an excellent stimulation for a powerful production of hormones and therefore accelerated muscle building.

When performing multi-joint movements, a technique works well in which, after the basic exercise, an isolating one immediately follows. For example, after completing the horizontal bench press, without pause, go to the lying dumbbell dilutions (with moderate or even lightweight). As a result, the pectorals will get a good stretch, and the extreme muscle-burning will be an indicator of extremely effective muscle stimulation. After squats, leg extension in a seated simulator is well suited, after a barbell press from the chest, dumbbells are pulled apart. In principle, these are the very supersets where two exercises are combined, in this case, basic movement and isolation.

Focus on strength performance. The outstanding theorist and practitioner of bodybuilding Mike Mentzer, at one time, came to the conclusion that in most people the growth of strength outstrips muscle growth, that is, first you see changes on the barbell, and after a while in the mirror. Mike came to such conclusions in the course of his coaching career, when according to his Heavy Duty methodology, where everything is based on high-intensity strength training, hundreds of people trained year after year and progressed at a very good pace.

High-intensity training means infrequent but intense training with heavy weights, using mostly basic exercises. In this technique, the goal is force, followed by mass. Therefore, it is even psychologically more important to put strength at the forefront and focus on it. We train to get stronger, as we get stronger – we get bigger.

Training diary. Regular records of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats consumed, as well as training notes on exercise strength, how to perform it, and even how you feel during and after training is an important part of the entire progression period. The fact is that thanks to such a diary, in the future, it will be possible to remember your good days and not so much, your achievements or rollback of results, in a word, everything you need to know. After all, the task of rapid muscle growth is quite daring and records of this should remain, as they say, in history, for the prospect of achieving even greater results in the future.

High carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates are literally the fuel of the body, thanks to which various biological processes occur, including muscle growth. In addition, high-intensity training with serious weights implies a large expenditure of energy, which in sufficient quantities can only be provided by an adequate intake of carbohydrates. Intense muscle contraction occurs due to the burning of muscle sugar (glycogen – a polymer of glucose), so sugar is a sure way to build large muscles. If there is not enough of it in the bloodstream, you will not be able to contract the muscles intensely enough to stimulate their growth. And if you don’t get sugar along with carbohydrates in your diet, it can only come to the body from two other (alternative) sources: digestible protein and muscle protein.

Through complex processes in the liver, a protein extracted from either of these two sources can be converted to glucose. Since the body is unable to convert fats or liquids into the necessary sugar, an experienced athlete will do the right thing by conserving their muscles (and muscle protein) by consuming large amounts of carbohydrates in their daily diet.

Carbohydrates are considered a “protein reserve”, they literally save it from being used by the body as fuel, so that proteins perform their main function – building muscle tissue.

According to the calculations of many nutritionists, the percentage of carbohydrates, based on the daily rate, should be at least 60%, the remaining 40% are proteins and fats, where 25% are proteins, and 15% are fats.

Leg training. Even if your goal is simply to develop large pecs and arms, you shouldn’t forget about training your legs. Firstly, muscle imbalances do not look aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, heavy exercises for the lower body, such as squats, hack squats, etc., have a huge impact on the overall development of all muscles. This is due to the development of basic strength, powerful hormone production, and the work of many muscle groups during such exercises.

Recovery. Natural training in bodybuilding implies the restoration of the body naturally without chemical stimulants (hormones) that accelerate recovery, but also harm its own hormonal system, since in the long term, due to such “helpers”, a decrease in the production of its own hormones begins, which leads to poor health generally. Therefore, a natural healthy recovery is essential. This concept includes not only a full night’s sleep (7-9 hours) but also adequate nutrition with sufficient intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals, and vitamins. Speaking of proteins, it must be emphasized that their amount per day should be at least 1.5-2 grams. per kilogram of its own body weight.

Herbs are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which can be found in abundance in specialty stores or pharmacies. Herbal medicine, in our time, is gaining more and more popularity. Its main plus is that together with the necessary for good health a  large amount of natural vitamins and minerals, which play a key role in human life in general, and even more so in achieving sports results, enter the body with liquid.


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