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How to speed up muscle recovery?

There are many ways to recover from a workout, and if you play sports, you should adopt these proven techniques. Information about sports nutrition.

The harder the workout, the longer the recovery process will take after it. At the same time, you always want the body to recover as soon as possible and again become ready to continue the path. These methods are universal for every athlete, learn how to speed up your recovery.

Do stretching exercises

Stretching in training is just as important as the main part of the session. It is bad stretching that prevents you from achieving your sports goals – increasing muscle volume, improving your performance. For example, a person with poor joint stretching will find it harder to do squats, the exercise will not bring him the desired result.

It is recommended to include stretching exercises at the end of your workout to improve circulation and lower lactic acid levels, which means less painful exercises after exercise.

Do not under any circumstances ignore stretching, just 20 minutes at the end of the workout will significantly speed up recovery and lower cholesterol levels.

Visit the sauna

Most of the clubs have bath complexes; the sauna is provided not as a place for leisure, but as a means of recovery after class. A visit to the sauna leads to the relaxation of muscles and a decrease in pain in them, and going to the steam room also helps to relieve chronic fatigue and stress, reduce the manifestations of arthritis and asthma. According to a study by the Harvard School of Medicine, when you go to a sauna, your heart’s blood volume doubles every minute. In order to speed up recovery and improve well-being, a twenty-minute visit to the steam room will be enough. When visiting the sauna, remember that you need to maintain your water balance, and immediately after leaving the steam room, drink at least two glasses of water. If you feel sick from the high temperature in the steam room, immediately leave the room,

Enrich Your Diet with Potassium

This trace element is actively consumed when receiving physical activity, so its reserves must be constantly replenished. Bananas and potatoes are the most potassium in the diet, so it’s a good idea to consume these foods immediately after training. To maintain water and electrolyte balance, you need to drink water after exercise, and during it, muscle pain increases with dehydration.

Give up alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are the worst enemy of a quick recovery. Let’s not talk about the harm of alcohol to the body, it is too extensive, in this situation it is a source of a large amount of toxins. The body is forced to direct all its forces to neutralize and remove toxins, the very forces that could go to the active restoration of muscle tissue.

Get enough sleep

The words that sleep heals and restores will not be an exaggeration. Sleep disturbance leads to physical weakness and psychological disorders, such a state will not correspond to productive training. The average human need for sleep is equal to seven hours, but if we are talking about an exhausted body with training, he may need nine or even more hours of sleep. Go to bed on time and do whatever you can to improve the quality of your sleep – create a comfortable room temperature, get a comfortable mattress and pillows, and put all gadgets away as soon as it’s time to sleep.

Use functional supplements for recovery

After exercise, the body has an urgent need for protein, especially if the last time you ate several hours ago. To accelerate recovery after exercise, women should take 20 grams of protein, and men – up to 50 grams. It is most convenient to take protein in the form of protein powder, this method is widespread and popular, but in the case of mixtures, the quantity fades into the background, the quality of the product is much more important.

The best choice would be protein shakes with supplements in the form of L-carnitine, the function of this substance is to slow down the oxidation process, its role is performed even under very intense loads. A high-quality cocktail saturates the body with the amino acids it needs, which makes recovery faster, and subsequent workouts just as effective. There are also cocktails with additives that accelerate the breakdown of adipose tissue, for example, with linoleic acid, such are used in the process of drying muscle mass.

Cocktails for professional athletes and for amateurs differ from each other; non-professionals need a protein concentrate that will not overload the liver. Professional cocktails are a very large amount of protein and amino acids; a simple sports lover does not need to consume them in such quantities. For quick assimilation by the body, those cocktails are good that contain components that help to digest protein, with them the load on the liver will be much lower. Another important component of the mixtures is dietary fiber, they ensure the proper functioning of the intestines during the digestion of the protein concentrate.

Can you replace sports nutrition with ordinary products?

All auxiliary components that are contained in cocktails can be obtained from food. But in order to get the necessary amount of vitamin C, you will have to eat about three kilograms of apples. Drinking a portion of a sports cocktail will be much easier and more enjoyable. Linoleic acid is also found in foods, but its amount is negligible. Protein shakes are an indispensable source of additional protein, which the body needs so much during intense training.

When drinking cocktails, it is easier to control and regulate muscle gain by increasing or decreasing the dosage. If you consume protein in the amount that is quickly consumed by the body, then fat burning processes will start, but this is not enough for gaining muscle mass. Most of the dietary programs are based on this principle – the consumption of exactly the amount of nutrients that the body is able to process. For quick recovery after training and gaining muscle mass, this will not be enough, you need 2-3 times more nutrients, some of it will be spent on physical and mental activity, the surplus will be used to create new muscle tissue.

Another advantage of protein shakes over food is that they do not overload the digestive system. The required amount of protein can be obtained from one small portion of the mixture or a very large amount of food, which will be difficult for the body to digest.

Many people, in pursuit of beautiful voluminous muscles, try to eat as much as possible in order to gain weight and then dry the body, which will remove excess fat deposits, leaving only a beautiful muscle relief. This strategy has a lot of pitfalls. Weight gain takes about six months, if you spend it on ordinary food, then the basis of the diet will be fats. When a person strives to get rid of fatty tissue, most often he also loses muscle mass. When using specialized supplements, this problem does not arise, since they are balanced mixtures. In the first stage, you will avoid excessive growth of fatty tissue, and in the second, you will minimize the loss of muscle mass.

Protein is needed not only for muscle repair but also for strengthening the immune system. Constant physical activity weakens the body’s defenses, the reason for this is the processing of proteins of the immune system to create energy molecules. This process will not be launched after the first month of classes, but sooner or later it will become inevitable. People begin to wonder why they lead the right lifestyle and are actively involved in sports, but at the same time, they are constantly sick. The answer is simple – your body lacks protein to such an extent that it began to take it from the immune system. When obtaining protein from protein shakes, you can accurately calculate the dosage, with sufficient protein intake, the immune system will remain intact and the muscles will continue to grow.


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