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Posing in bodybuilding. A tutorial for the hulking

Although bodybuilding is not the most popular sport in our country, interest in this “iron” discipline is growing every year and professional bodybuilding is gaining momentum.

Proof of this is the number of new gyms and sports food stores, which are becoming more and more every day. And the latest trends in a professional building also testify to its relevance – new federations are appearing, and the number of those wishing to participate in the next tournament sometimes exceeds the number of spectators who come to gaze at this vanity fair.

And if there are a lot of publications on the topic of training and proper nutrition on the Internet, then I have not seen materials on posing. Therefore, I decided to sabatsat a short article, in which I will explain in detail to novice athletes what and how to demonstrate to the judges while on stage.

For professional athletes, it is very important to be able to profitably present their pumped-up body. Indeed, a lot sometimes depends on the correct choice of posture during a free program and its harmonious execution.

Posing is a must for novice bodybuilders. What’s the first step? Study the basic poses, and then try to repeat them in front of the mirror (it is better if you do this in the presence of your coach, who can correct you if something happens).

At the same time, it is possible and even necessary to introduce into each pose some of its own elements – some improvisation on stage are always welcome, but within reasonable limits.

Posing is important because after years of hard training, working out in the gym, and dieting for 10-12 weeks, you can win or lose regardless of the quality of your muscles!

In competitions, it is not just your muscles that are evaluated, but the ability to demonstrate them in front of the judges. You must learn the skill to be liked by the audience, as well as learn to show your strengths and “hide” figure flaws.

So, 8 required poses.

1. Double biceps in front (img. 1).

Heels together, toes apart (Latin letter V), legs bent at the knees, straining the quadriceps muscles of the thigh. Take a deep breath to enlarge your chest and expand your latissimus dorsi. Chin down a little, look at the judges.

The elbows are slightly raised, the fists are directed towards the shoulders. And we smile as if we won the lottery!

2. Latissimus dorsi in front (img. 2) .

Legs as in the first pose. It is important to lift the chest and straighten the lats, as well as bring the front deltas forward. Hold your bent arms at the pelvis to demonstrate the triceps.

We draw in the stomach. The chin is slightly up. And we still smile, blinding the audience with snow-white teeth.

3. Pectoral muscles from the side (img. 3).

Be prepared to demonstrate this pose from two sides. First, turn 90 degrees to the right or left. Second, turn towards the judges and fix yourself on the more favorable side to pose.

The legs must be emphasized here. One hand should be palm up and the other palm down. Do not forget to put your hands in the lock and tighten your muscles while keeping your chest as if rolling out. Make sure to look at the jury with a loving gaze!

4. Triceps from the side (img. 4).

Again, the legs are together, the body is slightly turned. Keep your hands locked behind your back. Take a deep breath and flex your triceps as much as possible to showcase it in all its glory.

Turn a little in different directions so that the entire audience can appreciate your form. Remember the hips – we strain and play with muscles.

5. Muscles of the press and thighs in front (img. 5).

Select your larger, more prominent leg, and put it forward. Keep your leg tense while placing your hands behind your head. Exhale and contract your abdominal muscles.

This is perhaps the most difficult pose since here you need to show the whole body as effectively as possible, focusing on your merits.

6. Double Biceps from the back (img. 6).

Of course, in this position, you must turn your back to the judges … take a step back from your winning leg. Raise your arms and lower your elbows to just below your ears.

Clench your fists (thumb inward) and tighten your biceps along with your delts. If you raise your chest in this position, then it is good to emphasize the bottom of the lats. You don’t have to smile in this position, here the color of your panties and the amount of sparkles on them are much more important. Do not forget to play with your gluteal muscles while posing – the judges love it!

7. The lats at the back (img. 7).

The legs and body are positioned in the same way as in the previous pose. In this position, the judges evaluate not only the width of the back but also the quality of the calf muscles, as well as general conditions.

As you practice this pose, ask your coach to film the whole mess on camera. Then carefully review the resulting footage. And then hone this pose by already marking all your jambs on the tape.

8. Maximum power (img. 8).

There are many variations of this pose, so improvisation is encouraged. Choose your best leg and put it forward. Lean forward slightly and squeeze all the juices out of your biceps and chest muscles.

It is strictly forbidden to smile in this position. The best thing is to grin and growl, roll your eyes, and show your tongue to the judges – they are absolutely delighted with this.


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