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Why muscles don’t grow: top mistakes in strength training

Asking why muscles don’t grow and looking for good reasons? There is no consensus on this score. We have collected the top common reasons.

Focus on specific areas

Exercising only abs will not create a proportional figure. It is impossible to enlarge one calf, gluteal, pectoral. It is traumatic to train body parts apart. With an emphasis on large muscles, the legs and back will organically pump other areas. Optimally work out all groups.

Shaking my arms

In the summer, I want beautiful triceps and biceps. Don’t just work for them. The volumes do not come from strength training, but from the release of hormones. The hormonal background does not change with the isolation exercise. Increase your weight regularly. And love the basic exercises. They swing their arms powerfully.

Chronic lack of sleep

Blocks the path to athletic performance. Lack of sleep increases stress hormone levels. Increased cortisol complicates the production of growth hormone. Adjust your sleep and wake schedule.

Do not use gadgets in the evening.

Interferes with fat

The abs cubes are not visible as long as there is excess fat. The first is to lose weight to normal. The second is to pump the rectus, oblique, and internal abdominal muscles.

Lack of carbohydrates

A sports diet minimizes carbohydrate intake. A poor diet lowers glycogen. The muscles do not withstand the loads and it is not possible to work properly in the gym. Remove simple carbohydrates, and consume slow carbohydrates daily.

Constantly on the nerves

Excessive cortisol complicates the supply of growth hormones to the body, increases appetite, and increases the risk of fat gain.

Poor food

Interferes with the gain of meat. This requires sufficient calorie content. Dietary supplements do not replace food, but a supplement.

Eat lean meats, cereals, oils, green vegetables.

High expectations

Men complain of poor heredity, regardless of other factors. Muscle mass increases by a maximum of 200 g every week. For visible increases in muscle width and diameter, follow the entire program.

Working with moderate weights

Growth occurs based on overvoltage. Small weights do not give physical stress and this does not make more meat. It is psychologically difficult to increase working weight. Make an effort to grow.

Daily loads

Light workouts every day to improve your figure, add strength and endurance. Not volumes. We trained properly, ate protein, and tomorrow rest and recovery.

Protein deficiency

The diet is low in protein – which is why muscles do not grow. The norm for a man is 1.5-1.7 g of animal protein daily.


This can lead to injury and exhaustion. Muscle tissue grows after exercise and during sleep, not with exhausting work. Recover twice a week. Sleep for 8 hours.

Do it to failure and then three more times

Another reason is that there are few repetitions of the exercise. Don’t get hung up on one number of reps. Look for an effective rate. Fewer reps with high weights or more with low weights.


Getting used to a repetitive complex. Change the program after 6-8 weeks. Master different areas of sports.


Destroys the liver and brain. Muscles lack antioxidants. They are used to process alcohol. It’s ideal not to drink at all. As a last resort, once a week. Drink water to flush out toxins.

Little water

With a lack of fluid, muscle development is complicated and nutrients are poorly absorbed. Drink a little.

Divide your weight by 30 to get your daily water requirement in liters.

Lots of cardio

Cardio burns calories and helps you lose weight. When gaining mass, strength training 3-4 times a week, and cardio up to 30% of the time or for warm-up.

Ignorance of technology

Learn the correct exercise from a professional. Otherwise, progress may stop.

Lack of hormones

In diseases, there are few anabolic hormones – insulin, growth hormone, testosterone. And the catabolic hormone cortisol is off the scale. Get tested if you are worried about depression, intimate problems, chronic fatigue, and weakness.

You can’t swing and lose weight

Both are unattainable together. Fat burning requires a calorie deficit. For growth – excess energy. Highlight the cycles, working first on the mass collection, then on the relief.

Are you a loader or builder

Most representatives of these professions do not have a huge embossed body. You lack the rest and food. First, hard work interferes with recovery. The second – it is unlikely that a loader, the builder will monitor the BJU and count calories. Workloads lack consistency, consistency, analysis, and control. In such conditions, it is easier to lose weight.

You are not a newbie

The teenager transforms into an adult and begins to actively go to the gym. In this case, progress is evident. Experienced athletes do not decrease their volumes, but they progress more slowly.


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